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There will be no credit check, no verification of employment and no upfront fees.  Simply go over to and fill out their simple application to see if you qualify to receive funding or call them at 1-888-411-2600.  You can receive as much as $200,000!  The best part is that if you don’t go on to win or settle the case the money is yours to keep so you have nothing to lose.  Contact Florida Lawsuit Funding and receive the assistance you need!

Florida Lawsuit Funding, LLC was started out of the need to help Plaintiffs manage their financial burdens associated with a personal injury lawsuit. In Florida the legal system places the accident victim in an extremely difficult situation while waiting for months and even years to conclude a lawsuit or settlement. While meeting with personal injury lawyers and their plaintiff’s  we realized the difficulty in dealing with the various lawsuit funding companies, most of which are out of state, and the difficulty in dealing with their frusterating  underwriting process.

Since we only serve individuals with personal injury claims in Florida we know how the system works and can work quickly with your attorney, usually getting you your money within 48 hours of receiving your application.

We understand the needs of injured plaintiffs and their lawyers, and the additional burdens inflicted on their families and loved ones.

Our goal is straightforward and simple. We are committed to getting you the money you need so that you have the time to allow your attorney to get you the settlement you deserve. We Know that if you are sucessful then we will be sucessfull too.

Give us a call so that we can help.