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Do you need a lawsuit cash advance because you have lost your job due to an automobile accident, truck accident, bicycle accident or any kind of a Personal Injury?  Are you struggling to pay your bills and can’t come up with the cash you need to live?  We can give you a Lawsuit Loan in just 48 Hours! Florida Lawsuit Funding can give you a Lawsuit Cash Advance while you are waiting on your settlement.  We understand that these cases can take months and even years while your bills are only increasing. We offer Lawsuit Loans from $2,000- $100,000.

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We fund all types of Cases We Find and are here to serve all the residents of the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando and ALL Cases in Florida.  Best of all, we do not check your credit, and should you happen to lose your case, you do not have to pay us back!  There are no up front fees, and you do not need to make any monthly payments.  Our Injury Help Center can give you the information you need, and we are standing by to talk with you about your Lawsuit Loan.

Fill out our Simple Funding Request Form or contact us by phone at 1-888-211-2600 today to get your Lawsuit Loan. Why struggle with your money problems any longer!  We serve only personal injury claims in Florida and will work directly with your attorney to get you the Lawsuit Cash Advance you need.   Headquartered in  Boca Raton near Fort Lauderdale and the Miami Florida area, we live and work here and know the pressures of paying bills that keep piling up.  We can easily meet with you and your attorney quickly giving you the Lawsuit Cash Advance you need.

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