Lawsuit Loans Miami and all of Florida

Are you currently involved in a lawsuit for injuries related to an automobile accident or any kind of a personal injury here in Miami?  Have you missed work and are struggling to pay your bills and meet your financial needs? Florida Lawsuit Funding with Barrichas been helping residents of Miami, and the state of Florida with advanced cash lawsuit loans while waiting on their pending lawsuits to settle.  Don’t worry if you are unemployed, and your credit will not be subject to the Online Funding Application process.  And if you should lose your case, you do not need to pay anything!

The rate of truck, automobile, and bicycle accidents in Miami and Florida is increasing.  Even though you have already hired an attorney, it could be months or even years before your lawsuit settles.  In the mean time, you need money! We know that you cannot wait even another day, and a cash advance on your lawsuit can help.

Florida Lawsuit Funding by Barric Enterprises Inc. offers pre settlement cash for Miami and all of Florida lawsuits from $,000- $100,000 and can advance the money for your lawsuit today!  We can offer you emergency funding to help you financially until your lawsuit is settled.  We fund all types of cases, cases we fund, and offer a free case review right here online.  Contact us immediately to get the help you need and deserve for your Miami lawsuit!  Our local representatives live and work in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton area and we serve all of Florida.  We are a local business; you do not need to worry about calling someone who lives across the country.  Our lawsuit funding is Headquartered in Boca Raton, servicing Miami and the state of Florida. We are your neighbors and are here to help you!

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