Pre-Settlement Funding

Personal Injury Attorneys Florida Lawsuit Loans

We provide non-recourse pre-settlement funding to individuals who are represented by a personal injury attorney and plan to file or who have filed an action/claim.

The purpose of our pre-settlement funding is to help your clients financially endure the process of litigation and sustain themselves in the event of surgery or loss of work, giving you the time needed to obtain the best results.

Our process is simple we loan a small portion of a future litigation award or settlement proceed that may be received by the plaintiff. Upon a successful conclusion to the case we are paid after your attorney fees and costs.


  • We typically fund from $1,000 up to 10% of the estimated claim
  • Our pricing is set up front and easily understood by the plaintiff
  • All information is strictly confidential

An attorney may provide a client with information about companies that offer non-recourse advance funding and other financial assistance in exchange for an interest in the proceeds of the client’s case if it is in the client’s interests. The attorney may provide factual information about the case to the funding company with the informed consent of the client. Although the attorney may honor the client’s valid written assignment of a portion of the recovery to the funding company, the attorney may not issue a letter of protection to the funding company.
Note: This opinion was approved by The Florida Bar Board of Governors on March 15, 2002.

We are a Florida Lawsuit Funding and can respond immediately to assist your client’s financial needs. Our funding check will be delivered to your office for quick delivery to your client.

Please let us know if we can offer our service to your clients.